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The Advantages

While many professionals equate blockchain with startups and anonymous geniuses like Bitcoin’s founder or founding group, some of the largest technology companies in the world are also currently hiring in large numbers for their blockchain projects. Deloitte, Capital One, eBay and Uber are just a few examples. Deloitte itself has reported an 800+ strong workforce in the blockchain segment.

Besides the high compensation, blockchain jobs also offer the stability that comes with a steadily growing, worldwide industry. Most startups in the blockchain space also give equity in the company to early employees. Many in this industry also facilitate flexibility and anonymity, enabling highly skilled developers to work in multiple projects remotely if they prefer.

Job Categories

Unlike popular perception blockchain teams are not entirely comprised of developers. In fact, there are several other technical and non-technical roles in every blockchain team. These include project managers, analysts, operations managers and executives, reporting analysts, and even traders. The broad-spectrum of jobs in blockchain is only expected to grow significantly in the years to come, as more industries benefit from this distributed and secure technology.

The era of doctrine is only just beginning, and industry experts agree that it is expected to see a huge explosion in job opportunities within the next three years. Some even claim that it will overtake the erstwhile mainstay of high-end technology jobs like data science.