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Knit Business Together

As a CBCA corporate member, you join the rich, diverse and powerful global group of blockchain companies who create both the demand and supply forces and define the fate and frontiers of blockchain. By being together with the movers and shakers of blockchain business from different corners of the world, as a CBCA member, your company can easily build its business and order pipeline! Besides, CBCA member-companies will also get to participate in global events of significance and enjoy a rise in their global visibility and respect.

Expand Business & Brand

All CBCA corporate member-organizations are included in the annual CBCA Membership Directory released in November every year. This is a vital resource for all member companies as it helps them connect up with other firms for a wide variety of mutually beneficial initiatives. Further, every corporate member-organization gets to nominate upto 4 of its employees/ leaders for the CBCA professional membership – free of charge for one year. In addition, senior executives and heads of member-companies get an opportunity to serve on committees and boards of consequence, including those set up by CBCA from time to time. CBCA member-companies will get the opportunity to nominate their staffers and students for CBCA awards and recognition programs, besides being featured on various CBCA platforms and publications.

Member-companies will get the chance to join in and host Member Forums, seminars and special events. Not the least, corporate member-organizations are featured on the CBCA website homepage highlighting their history, programs, research, and upcoming events. CBCA member-companies also earn a number of privileges like complimentary professional memberships, participation and sponsorship discounts in events. More importantly, besides providing the 4 complimentary professional memberships, CBCA also offers attractive privilege discounts on flagship CBCA certification programs for the staffers/ employees and managers or nominees of CBCA corporate member-companies.

Becoming a CBCA Corporate Member

CBCA corporate membership to external organizations are awarded selectively, though, companies undergoing the CBCA-CFAS or CBCA-BITS standards/ certification projects automatically qualify for joining the CBCA Global Association of Blockchain Companies without any additional fee. The annual membership fee under this category is US $2500.00, with four professional memberships included complimentary in the package. The one-time life corporate membership costs US $18500.00 with complimentary transferable professional memberships for 4 employees for life.

Holding companies or conglomerate corporations can acquire group corporate membership for upto four group companies by paying US $8000.0 for one year. Group corporate membership for life costs US $ 60,000.00. Group corporate memberships also include complimentary CBCA professional membership for employees.

CBCA corporate membership includes international as well as local chapter membership. All corporate member-organizations are invited to join their respective local chapters, once they begin forming in their region/ city/ geography. To seek assistance in taking your CBCA Corporate membership decisions, or to register your employees or students, you can write to us at