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Connect and Network

CBCA professional membership is currently open only for the CBCA credentialed or those undergoing a CBCA professional certification program. Your peers would be an eclectic mix of cryptocurrency professionals, startup founders; business, IT, software engineering and information systems professionals specializing in blockchain applications, and covering a range of titles and disciplines focusing in assurance, control, security, governance and risks related to blockchain technology and projects.

As a CBCA member, you belong to a rare community of global professionals who share mutual goals, interests and commitments. You get the permission to talk about your membership on your social media profile and resume as “Member, CBCA Global Association of Blockchain Professionals”. CBCA is establishing its chapters in important global locations and becoming involved with your local chapter and attending CBCA events will allow you to make valuable connections with peers, share knowledge and discover new opportunities in your profession. Remember, Networking is key to landing a new position; nearly ¾ of the best positions worldwide are filled through networking."

Advance Your Career

No matter where you are on your career path, CBCA helps you find the resources, training and education you need to expand your professional development opportunities. Most blockchain professionals worldwide increasingly consider membership in CBCA essential to their ongoing education, career progression and value delivery to their enterprises.

CBCA hopes to build a thriving blockchain community of 10000+ top-class global professionals representing 200+ countries and covering a variety of professional blockchain-related positions – cutting across senior ranks, middle management levels and even bright young talents. CBCA member-professionals are expected to come from all industry categories, including financial and banking, public accounting, government and the public sector, utilities and manufacturing.

CBCA membership sets you apart from other blockchain professionals by signifying that you are:

  • Connected with a highly regarded organization
  • Committed to professional growth and advancement
  • Part of a global network of peers
  • Dedicated to best practices and successful results
  • Helping to advance your profession
  • A seeker of professional knowledge and a problem solver
  • Serious about continuing education

Becoming a CBCA Professional Member

CBCA professional membership is currently open only for CBCA alumni and professionals undergoing CBCA certification programs, and this membership is complimentary for them. Professionals registered for the BBP, CBE, and the GBL certifications immediately obtain Associate professional membership, and after completing their certification successfully, they are awarded Graduate membership.

The standard annual fee for is US $450.00/ pax, for Associate/ Graduate professional membership, and the fee for lifetime Graduate professional membership is US $3800.00/ pax . Also, blockchain companies can sponsor CBCA professional memberships of their employees and leaders by paying a fixed fee of US $2025.00/ annum for a group of 5 employees and US $3825.00/ annum for a group of 10 employees.

Please note, CBCA professional membership includes international as well as local chapter membership. You will be invited to join a local chapter, once it begins forming in your region/ city/ geography. To seek assistance in taking your CBCA professional membership decision, or to register your employees or students, you can write to us at