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Irrespective of your consulting firm’s scale of operations or the nature of clients you have, or the regulatory environment you may operate in, CBCA-CFAS10 promises the fastest and smoothest first step to improving the quality of financial advisory solutions you deliver to your institutional and individual clients.

CBCA-CFAS10 standards system has been designed affordable and smart - to help it seep into your organization fast and easy – and turn your teams of financial advisors and analysts into well-informed, ethical and complete solution-providers to clients. Experience the CBCA-CFAS10 improve the metrics of solution design excellence, creativity, development speed and client-results and then you can graduate to CBCA-CFAS12.

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CBCA-CFAS12 readies your consulting firm best for the future, and beefs up your processes for handling larger wealth portfolios and financing projects of bigger clients. If you are already CBCA-CFAS10 certified, CBCA-CFAS12 is just an addition of four modules related to expansion, scale, regulatory compliance and client-reporting.

Organizations with CBCA-CFAS12 compliant financial advisory standards show increasingly sharper readiness for expanding successfully into new markets and vastly improved client-satisfaction results. What’s more, CBCA-CFAS12 compliance prepares your outfit very well for smooth inorganic expansions; collaborations, mergers and acquisitions. CBCA-CFAS12 aims at turning your company into a hotbed of highest-grade action and marks up your future-preparedness all the way.

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