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Earning a Blockchain Credential Just Became
Swifter and More Convenient!


QualiFLY is CBCA's powerful new program to promote rapid growth in blockchain skills, knowledge and proficiency among professionals internationally.

It gives wings to the careers of ambitious and accomplished professionals by fast-pacing the process of earning CBCA certifications. QualiFLY has been conceived to help on-the-move professionals across multiple blockchain streams, as well as graduating technology, computer science and analytics students of CBCA-recognized institutions leverage their current education and qualifications in earning a prestigious CBCA certification. QualiFLY shortens your CBCA credentialing journey; eases candidacy norms for you; and makes earning a CBCA Credential even more affordable. So, if you have a certification/qualification or any other credential from any of the institutions featured in the most recent lists of CBCA-recognized institutions, you may just be good to QualiFLY to a prestigious CBCA Credential.

  • Your current degrees and credentials can really work wonders for you. Make them ease down and speed up for you the process of earning a CBCA Credential – and knock down a few dollars off the fee too!

    1. QualiFLYbrings down the high-looking MINIMUM QUALIFICATION candidacy norm for your chosen CBCA certification… Which means, if you have a qualification or a credential from a CBCA-recognized or a CBCA-partner institution, you can register for a CBCA certification even with a qualification which is lower than prescribed under the standard CBCA candidacy norms for that credential.

  • 2.QualiFLY eases down the rigorous MINIMUM WORK-YEARS candidacy norm by a few years if you’re from a CBCA-recognized/ partner institution This implies the minimum work-experience duration that is CBCA-prescribed for your certification of interest, reduces to fewer years than what is standard under the CBCA candidacy norms. You get this QualiFLY privilege if you’ve studied in a CBCA-recognized or a CBCA-partner institution.

  • 3.QualiFLYdilutes the fussy BLOCKCHAIN-FOCUSED WORK/ EDUCATION BACKGROUND candidacy norm for you too… This QualiFLY advantage makes it possible for even individuals with non- technology, computer science, analytics work or education backgrounds to register for a CBCA Credential, which otherwise is open only for professionals with backgrounds in database, software programming or related disciplines. One just needs to have studied in a CBCA-recognized or a CBCA-partner institution.



...To the world's most powerful qualifications! Now race away easy to your BBP/ CBE/ GBL credential if you have any of the following or their combination:

  • If you are a student of a CBCA-recognized university, B-School or any other institution.

Check Right Away If You QualiFLY!

Please select CBCA-recognized Universities/ Institutions either from CBCA Q1-List/ Q2-List

List Q1

(CBCA-Recognized Universities, B-Schools & Other Institutions)

  • Purdue University
  • The University of Manchester
  • The University of Melbourne

List Q2

(Universities, B-Schools & Other Institutions under Process of CBCA-Recognition)

  • University of Warwick
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Toronto

Write to us at

info@cbcamerica.org to know more about these programs.