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CBCA’s biggest impact is on the way blockchain is turning into an industry. With extensive studies cutting across all possible touchpoints of blockchain in contemporary technology and business landscapes, CBCA has been working on designing the value chain of the nascent industry that blockchain is becoming. On the other hand, CBCA’s standards and credentials seek to create a new order in the global blockchain space. A key area of discernable impacts is building of a pool of blockchain professionals who can work across a plethora of emerging and established blockchain platforms.

Our frameworks, knowledge, initiatives and certifications also promise to establish a universal blockchain talent development ecosystem bringing in a hitherto absent technology and vendor neutrality into academic and training curricula of business and technology educators around the world.

The third biggest zone of CBC America's impact is blockchain business. Our standards and credentials are designed to help blockchain startups, consulting outfits and cryptoccurrency players embrace global standards for more credible business dealings and operations.


Our singular, overarching vision is to establish a credible world order in the blockchain space, and turn it into a well-organized industry for all stakeholders to leverage the true power of blockchain-based technologies. CBCA aims to equip all key blockchain stakeholders with state-of-the-art credentialing knowledge and standards that help companies, professionals, regulators and institutions play their roles transparently, ethically and effectively in building a new world order for blockchain.


CBCA credentials are designed for lending to professionals worldwide credibility and respect. They are founded on standards-frameworks that are applicable across hyperledger platforms; have pan-industry relevance, and prove best the potential and promise of individuals to manage important roles and responsibilities effectively.

CBCA's Universal Blockchain Knowledge Framework for Professionals (UBKF) enunciates the most effective knowledge-based model, which Distributed Computing and Blockchain Industry professionals can follow to upgrade themselves into more business-driven practitioners with much sharper abilities and perspectives. In a similar vein, CBCA’s enterprise standards help organizations build their business infrastructure for improved credibility and more efficient operations and deliveries.

Organizations compliant on the CBCA Blockchain Technology Development Standards – Release 17.2-2018 exhibit highest levels of efficiency and expertise in developing blockchain applications and technologies. CBCA Cryptocurrency Investment Management Standards – Release 16.2-2018, on the other hand spell the most rigorous norms and mechanisms adhering which, crypto-investors and crypto finance professionals can institutionalize their success and contribute to the growth of cryptocurrencies around the world. CBCA certified organizations inspire trust because they exhibit significant ease and habit of following a systematically optimized combination of best-in-class policies, processes, and practices in their blockchain endeavors.

For companies and startups engaged in blockchain application development; cryptocurrency platform development; digital assets advisory; cryptocurrency exchanges and similar activities on the evolving blockchain value chain.

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