CBCA Blockchain Technology Development Standards/enterprise-blockchain/blockchain-innovation-technology-standards-system


Irrespective of your organization’s scale of operations or the nature of blockchain technologies or applications you develop, CBCA-BITS12 promises the fastest and smoothest first step to embedding a new ability in your blockchain development facilities to accelerate the software development process, in addition to expanding your outfit’s innovation and deep-thinking capabilities.

CBCA-BITS12 standards system has been designed affordable and smart - to help it seep into your organization fast and easy – and turn your developers into explosive, high-performance geeks. Experience the CBCA-BITS12 improve the metrics of solution design excellence, creativity, development speed and product quality and then you can graduate to CBCA-BITS16.

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CBCA-BITS16 readies your tech-company best for the future, and beefs up your processes for more robust support, control and inspiration to your teams, which they require in big doses as your company expands the scale of its operations and the average dollar value of projects. If you are already CBCA-BITS12 certified, CBCA-BITS16 is just an addition of a couple of modules related to expansion and scale.

Organizations with CBCA-BITS16 compliant blockchain development facilities show increasingly sharper readiness for diversifying successfully into new blockchain user-verticals; reduction of go-to-market times; vastly improved product decisions; and agile business models. What’s more, CBCA-BITS16 compliance prepares your outfit very well for smooth inorganic expansions; collaborations, mergers and acquisitions. CBCA-BITS16 aims at turning your company into a hotbed of highest-grade tech-development action and marks up your future-preparedness all the way.

For more information and to explore opportunities for your company, write to us at info@cbcamerica.org.