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Blockchains are a remarkably transparent and decentralised way of recording lists of transactions.

Currencies: the vanguard of blockchain technology

Digital content: blockchain and rights management

Patents: protecting innovators while incentivising innovation

E-voting: revolutionising the electoral system ?

Smart contracts: if code were law

Supply chains: transparency and accountability at last ?

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Beyond Bitcoins - The Blockchain Revolution

Think about 2007. From the iPhone that changed the definition of phones, to a genetically modified remote-controlled dragonfly, to futuristic cars and the humanoid robots, there was a dazzling display of pioneering inventions and technology was a testimony to it.

Then came 2009, bringing along an unarguable proof of ingenious invention – created by a person or a group of people(read pseudonym), Santoshi Nakamoto. Considered one among the most revolutionizing and significant inventions, Blockchain is a distributed ledger that keeps a track of verifiable records known as ‘blocks’.

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  • Blockchain- Your Springboard to Success

    Blockchain is turning out to be a bigger phenomenon than industry experts had originally predicted.

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  • Stor-Edge: The Blockchain’s Answer to The World’s Storage Woes

    In a world churning out exabytes per minute and direly in need of space to store it all, the blockchain phenomenon just might be the one right solution.

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  • Blockchain and the Evolution of Programmatic Advertising – a 2018 Perspective

    Even as the GDPR continues its all-pervasive parade into the ad buying industry worldwide, there seems to be a serious lack of acknowledgement of the power blockchain holds.

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  • It’s Pouring Blockchain, are You Cashing in?

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that Blockchain has emerged as the domain with the maximum opportunity for job growth within the last year or two.

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  • Blockchain Job Opportunities Grow In Multiples, Not Percentages!

    Crypto-currencies have made headlines for much of the year, given the stellar success of Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum.

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  • Blockchain- and Strengthening Your Business

    Blockchain powers the principles and technology behind collaborative economies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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  • An Unshackled Banking vis-a-vis The Blockchain

    Blockchain has trumped many buzzwords to make it to the tongue-tips of the masses.

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Cryptocurrency: Decentralization of the Global Economy

The wave of going cashless resulted in online transactions.

That didn’t deter banking systems to follow our every move and financial activity. But cryptocurrency promises to change the face of the global economy as we know it.

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