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Blockchain growth around the world hinges on supply of brilliant, trained and certified blockchain talent. CBCA credentials for professionals are cut out just for this need: to breed the world’s most reliable blockchain talent. Those who build developer-tools; technologies and applications for user-organizations and pull the tomorrow of distributed ledgers to here and now. Those, who design business blockchain strategies and execute them in organizations. And those, who help investors build wealth through cryptocurrency investments safely, transparently, lawfully, and help startups and companies raise funds for their projects through the crypto route.

Credentials for Professionals

The CBCA lineup of credentials for blockchain professionals covers all the three dominant clusters of blockchain roles and functions today: the Business Blockchain cluster with professionals working on blockchain integration projects in various verticals; the Investment Advisory cluster requiring professionals having a unique blend of financial analysis and blockchain technology knowledge; and the Blockchain Application Development cluster with professionals having rich skillsets and knowledge of writing algorithms for blockchain apps; developing cryptocurrencies and innovating blockchain developer tools across popular blockchain platforms.

  • The first international 3rd-party credential for professionals managing Blockchain transformation

  • Most advanced cross-platform global credential for Blockchain Engineers

  • World’s first platform-neutral credential for Global Blockchain Leaders


Top 5 Reasons Why Blockchain Certification is a must

Undeniable as it is, certifications make testimonies sturdier. Now proven by the recent study of CBCA-CredForce!

1A CBCA credential adds attractive new layers to your employability +
2Around 3 million new jobs are expected to hit the marquee by 2020 +
3CBCA certified professionals can earn 20-25% higher! +
4CBCA certified professionals are preferred for leadership responsibilities +
5Vendor-neutral CBCA credentials are valid and respected across industries +

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When we have smart contracts on the blockchain, it can result in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or organizations without management or employees, run completely by code.

Mark Van Rijmenam Co-founder and CEO of Datafloq

Exclusive CBCA Credential Suites!

Professionals qualifying the CBCA certification exams in their chosen blockchain credential receive an exclusively designed collectible credential suite containing the paper version of the certification they have earned; the designation pin/ credential badge; and a booklet on the CBCA Codes of Ethics and Credential Use.

IMPORTANT: The design and contents of these suites may change without notice.

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CBCA Credentials Are Digital too

The CBCA credentials too come digitally badged, just as those of most other great institutions do, and that assures you of a profile that will add to your digital presence and attract the required recruiter attention.

The quality of our presence in the virtual space often defines how effectively we'll grow in our profession and impact business because the world has become digital, and we're living on the fly. Digital badging is the safest, fastest, and the most elegant and impressive way of showcasing a hard and well-earned qualification digitally. The CBCA digital badge for the certification you earn carries all important information about your CBCA credential. It can be validated electronically, and hence, cannot be faked or pilfered, and hence there won't be fake certified individuals spoiling your eminence.

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