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Enterprise Impacts

Adoption of CBCA standards in their organizational and business ways helps blockchain technology companies build a strong foundation for sustained growth. The following are the key payoffs:

  • Error-free establishment of an optimized internal value-chain
  • Development of a robust base for business growth & diversification
  • Increases agility for getting into newer product areas/ verticals
  • Expands innovation capacities within the same set-up
  • System for developing worldclass products and software
  • Organization Value increase
  • Stable, creative and performance driven Work Environment & Culture
  • Inspires Trust in Customers; Enhances Value
  • Improves Talent Retention
  • Reduces Talent Management Costs

CBCA Blockchain Innovation & Technology Standards System (BITS)

If your outfit is a blockchain tech-startup busy developing a potential Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS)-based winner for the healthcare vertical, or if you are building a cryptocurrency suite for a client; or your own exchange platform is in the works; the CBCA Blockchain Innovation & Technology Standards System (BITS) is constructed just right for you.

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CBCA Cryptocurrency Financial Advisory Standards System (CFAS)

The concerns of ethics, transparency, volatility, regulation, investor-security, abuse and imperfections in the cryptocurrency space is as old as bitcoin. Even as the landscape matures, these challenges become even louder. Under these circumstances, companies advising cryptocurrency investors and fund-raisers have the most onerous role to play.

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