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Examinee Testing Policies

Special Assistance Facilities (SAF)

The following should be noted by all examinees with disabilities, or those having needs arising out of their gender, faith, or religion, who seek Special Assistance Facilities (SAF) during their certification exams.

  1. SAF are not currently available for examinees taking real-time proctored exam in private mode at their chosen locations.
  2. The SAF is only available for those examinees who are sponsored by their employer-organizations, by their governments, or their universities, and who are taking their tests in one of the CBCA-approved test centers.
  3. The sole responsibility of executing and providing SAF is upon the examinee-sponsors, and CBCA is not accountable in either the logistics or the management of these above mentioned facilities any test center.
  4. All CBCA-approved test centers are required to follow certain norms set by the CBCA on SAF. Moreover, the CBCA has mechanisms in place to audit the facilities of these test centers periodically.
  5. Examinees who seek special assistance at CBCA test centers are required to contact CBCA which will further instruct the respective sponsors of the examinees to make the required special arrangements and to provide the special assistance as requested by examinees.
  6. Examinee can be requested to submit some prescribed documents for validation of the special testing assistance request. The examinee will have to follow the instructions mentioned in the email sent to him/her, which will be sent once the request has been approved by CBCA.
  7. Post approval, the special arrangements listed below will be available as requested by examinees, at no additional costs, at the test center:
    1. Grace Time (Allotted Exam time + 50% extra)
    2. Reader

Exam Scoring

CBCA has mechanisms in place to regularly monitor the performance of all exams to make sure the validity of exam results and use highly advanced statistical analytical algorithms to calculate the examinee’s test score. The examinee is required to score 65% or higher in order to pass the any of the CBCA certification exam. The result of the exam can be viewed on the examinee’s myCBCA dashboard within 72 hours of the exam date and time.

Exam Scheduling Policy

If you have registered for BBP, CBE or GBL certification program, you can schedule your exam anytime, 90 days after the date of fee payment. Please check your mailbox for a CBCA support email informing you about the opening of exam scheduling window for your chosen CBCA certification. The books included in the BBP, CBE, GBL Learning Deck should help you brace up nicely for your BBP, CBE, GBL Certification exam. Please read more about BBP, CBE, GBL exams in the dedicated section on the subject.

Reschedule Policy

You can reschedule by logging into your myCBCA account only 72 hours prior to the start of your scheduled exam. If you reschedule your exam in less than 72 hours prior to your appointment, you will forfeit your examination fee, without recourse.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your scheduled examination from your myCBCA dashboard 72 hours before start of scheduled examination. Take note that a scheduled examination cancelled within 72 hours of the start of the scheduled examination will result in complete forfeiture of the examination fee, without recourse.

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